Make Your Split as Painless as Possible

Make Your Split as Painless as Possible

Ease tensions with help from a skilled divorce attorney in Independence, MO

Divorces are stressful. Not only are you ending your relationship, but you're also dealing with things like child custody, spousal support and division of assets. If you need a highly trained divorce attorney in Independence, MO, you can depend on James Piedimonte, P.C.

It's time to make decisions about child support and division of assets. An attorney from our firm can guide you in the right direction. Speak with attorney James Piedimonte now by calling 816-254-6477.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by divorce proceedings

When you work with our legal team, you'll get advice and representation based on years of experience. Few people know the law like attorney James Piedimonte. With over 36 years of practicing as a child custody and division of assets attorney, he knows how to handle any situation. You can bring all of your questions and concerns to him. He'll keep your information confidential and work towards decisions that benefit you.

Do you need a divorce attorney in Independence, MO? Hire the legal team at James Piedimonte, P.C.