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Child custody disputes can be emotionally and financially taxing. Attempting to maintain stability for your child and ensuring his or her well-being, while facing the legal process of instituting or modifying a parenting plan is overwhelming. Hiring a compassionate child custody attorney can take some of the weight off of your shoulders during this difficult process.

James Piedimonte has nearly 40 years of experience as an attorney, giving him the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for you until a fair and reasonable resolution. If you are located in Independence, Missouri, as well as Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, or Kansas City, reach out today for a consultation.

Cases when a Child Custody Attorney is Needed

A child custody attorney can help you with a multitude of issues and situations, including:

  • Serving as a neutral negotiator during highly emotional proceedings
  • Managing your deadlines, court dates, and paperwork so you can focus on your family
  • Serving as your voice in court if necessary
  • Helping you create or modify a parenting plan
  • Helping you navigate a custody arrangement wherein one parent lives across the country or even across the world

If you find yourself dealing with any of the issues above, now is the time to reach out to a professional. James Piedimonte knows the ins and outs of child custody proceedings, making him an excellent partner while you determine the best arrangement for you and your child.

Modifying a Child Custody Agreement

If you already have a child custody agreement in place, it is very possible that you may have to make an adjustment at some point. If there has been a significant change in your life or the life of your child’s other parent, it’s a good idea to seek legal help. The following are examples of situations that may require you to modify your parenting plan:

  • A long-term change in your everyday schedule, due to work or other factors
  • A change in either parent’s ability to adequately care for the child
  • A change in the child’s needs due to their health, age, development, etc.
  • Relocation of either parent

If both parents agree on the changes being made, then the matter may be granted without the need for a formal hearing.

If both parents are not in agreement, then a formal hearing will proceed. In this situation, you will be required to show evidence that a significant change, like the ones listed above, has occurred. A child custody attorney can help you compile this evidence. In order for the parenting plan to be modified, the proposed changes must also be in the best interests of the child. This will be determined in court, and your attorney will advocate for you during this process.

James Piedimonte can walk you through the process of making changes to your parenting plan in the state of Missouri and ensure that you are fairly represented in court if need be.

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When a Child Custody Case Goes to Court

Many child custody cases can be settled outside the courtroom. However, if both parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, it may be necessary to go to court.

James Piedimonte is prepared to represent you and your child’s best interests in the courtroom. As your attorney, he will get to know you and your story and will fight for you from start to finish. You deserve to have a professional by your side who truly cares about the outcome of your case. 

How a Child Custody Attorney Can Help

Child custody disputes can be incredibly difficult to deal with on your own. Simply facing the reality of having to work out a parenting plan can be stressful enough. Adding in the potential of going to court is not something that you should have to face alone. 

Hiring a child custody attorney not only guarantees that you will have a knowledgeable and experienced resource by your side throughout the legal process, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing a professional is there to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Contact James Piedimonte in Independence, Missouri, today to speak with a child custody attorney who truly cares about you and your case.

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Don’t face your child custody dispute alone. James Piedimonte has over three decades of professional experience and is prepared to help you fight for a resolution that is in the best interests of yourself and your child. If you are located in Independence, Missouri, contact James Piedimonte, P.C. for a child custody attorney you can trust.