Services & Fees

What Are the Benefits of Scheduling a Paid Consultation on Family Law Topics?

With a paid consultation, our office is able to discuss the specific facts of your case including the different strategies for male and female clients; the likely results in any future divorce, equitable distribution, child support, spousal support, child custody, or other case and the impact of certain situations including adultery, use of drugs or alcohol, or other indiscretions on the part of either family court litigant. In certain circumstances, it is not the best course of action to immediately separate from the other spouse or parent or to file a divorce or custody action. A paid consultation will allow a potential client to better understand whether or not they should proceed with their intended course of action.

What Are the Costs for Retaining a Lawyer?

A retainer is different from a paid consultation in that the paid consultation will only entitle the client to information on the date and time of the paid consultation. A retainer is a lump sum of money paid by a client for work that will be performed on an ongoing basis after the initial consultation is conducted. The amount of the initial retainer may or may not cover the entire costs of a client's legal fees. It is virtually impossible to determine in advance the total cost for lawyers' fees in a family law case. However, factors that influence the total cost of legal fees include the issues involved, the complexity of the issues, and whether the case can be resolved by agreement or litigation is involved.

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